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F is for Flame On: How to Wear Red Lipstick if You Have Smaller Lips

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I used to think women with smaller lips were completely shut out of the red-lipstick club. Not red lips entirely -- sheer red gloss works for everyone. But opaque red for small lips? Oh no.

Well I've changed my mind. The trick? Stay on the brighter side of red.

The above-left model has rather petite lips, yet wears a rich, sweet berry shade beautifully. Not screaming bright -- screaming's not great -- but the shade is a lively hue against her skin. Lively is good.

Try pinky reds, coral reds, orangey reds, candy reds, true reds. If you're just starting out, a stain would be pretty -- dab the colour on with a fingertip. And if you want a little more visual volume, dab the centre of your lips with a titch of gloss.

Just dodge anything brick-y or brown-ish -- darker shades masquerading as safe. They'll only make you think you can't wear red.

But of course you can.

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