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Cheap Thrill: Sephora Professional Duo Pencil Sharpener -- For Serious

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Sephora Professional Duo Pencil Sharpener

Know what bugs me? Smears of eye liner pencil on the rest of my makeup. Not because a cap came off, but because stubborn pencil-shaving residue stuck in my sharpener had itself a rub-a-dub orgy inside my makeup case. Bugs. Me.

Know what doesn't bug me? The Sephora Professional Duo Pencil Sharpener ($4), above. In fact, this natty little thing downright thrills me, yes it does. I want to carry it in hand so I can show everyone I meet. See this? I want to say with more than a little enthusiasm, to friends, family, strangers all. See this here?? I want to say insistently, pointing out the brilliant plugs that keep pencil shavings safely quarantined under protective cover so they can't rudely rub themselves all over my stuff. GENIUS! I want to declare, grinning ear to ear, perhaps with a little hop of delight.

Staff is of the opinion that perhaps a happy post on the subject is a better idea.

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