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F is for Flush: Stila Custom Color Blush Adjusts Itself to You

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Stila Custom Color Blush

Blush that adjusts to your skintone isn't new -- Smashbox O-Glow blush was a hit a few years back when it launched. A clear gel, it turns pink in response to the skin's pH, slightly different for each person.

Stila Custom Color Blush ($29) is the first powder version that takes its colour cue from you. I've had to reassure brides before using it on them -- the in-the-pan shocking pink hue alarms most women unused to vibrant makeup. Clown! scream their eyes. However the shade adjusts as it sits on skin, warming to each complexion to deliver just the right flush, soft or distinct depending on how much you put on. Happy brides. Happy me. Happy clowns.

The powder is light sensitive too, though. I was warned at the IT Lounge, where Stila will be making its way into celebrity hands, that leaving the compact open will turn the colour white, rendering the blush not-so-much. Snap that lid closed as soon as you've put the glow in your cheeks.

Stila is available at select Shoppers Drug Mart boutiques and Sephora.