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Upgrade-itis: Out With The Ugly, In With The Expensive

as you start to acquire quality pieces, your bargain stuff begins to look... replaceable, stat – with prettier, pricier versions
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Mason Pearson detangling comb

Mason Pearson detangling comb

Ever notice how buying a new dress necessitates the purchase of shiny new shoes and a bag? Or how that gorgeous new Guerlain Champs-Elysees compact makes your drugstore lipstick look, well, cheap? You start buying prettier and pricier totes and shoes and soon the functional (i.e. less expensive) things you own start to stand out. In a bad way. Like, say, a yellow plastic comb sitting on your bureau; it looks sad and tacky next to a Diptyque candle. You've caught the "upgrading" bug and nothing in your house is safe.

Which is how I came to buy a Mason Pearson detangling comb. Perhaps you've read about the joys of the Mason Pearson hairbrush here – the boar bristles, that great head-scratch feeling when you brush your hair, knowing that it will last forever. But a Mason Pearson comb?

Well, it's a variegated tortoise-shell colour (no more garish plastics in my house, thank you), its handle is solid, its widely-spaced teeth are hand-polished and smooth. And the name is written in reassuring gold letters: Mason Pearson. And on the reverse, Handmade in Switzerland. Truly a thing of beauty.

And if you can't rationalize getting all spendy on the brush (the full-sized bristle brush is $187.50) the detangling comb, at only $23, is a stylish bargain. So really, it's like I just saved you $150.

You're welcome.

UPDATE 2015: The Mason Pearson Detangling Comb is now $32.25 at and $34 at The medium-sized Mason Pearson Handy Bristle brush with boar bristles is $245.50 at and $230 at

Visit for more info; available at Delineation Hair & Skin Essentials.