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Better for Lips: Sephora Retractable Concealer Brush

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Sephora Retractable Concealer Brush_my new lip brush

Some days I really wish I had a travel-friendly concealer brush on hand. Or in hand, specifically on those run-around days when I have a honking spot that needs artful spackle to make it less intrusive. Camouflaging such beasts works best with the precision application or touch-up I can't get by dabbing concealer on with a fingertip.

But now that I've found the terrific little Sephora Retractable Concealer Brush #57 ($12) -- a sleeve extends to cover the brush before you replace the cap so you don't crunch the bristles -- something occurs to me. My no-cap genius Joe Fresh Retractable Lip Brush ($6) is actually a better hit-the-spot concealer brush because of its pointed tip. And this Sephora retractable is my new ideal lip brush because its flat width efficiently covers more lip surface and creates a cleaner lip edge.

You have no idea how happy this little role-swap brush thing makes me. I'm such a geek.

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