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If I Were Skinny I Would Wear That: Denis Gagnon for Bedo

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Denis Gagnon for Bedo graphic tees

I've geeked out over collections from Montréal-based designer Denis Gagnon before, here and here. His newest, a collaboration with Bedo, makes me geek out even more -- this is affordable Gagnon for me -- and it makes me despair a little because the collection isn't made for my shape.

Denis Ganon for Bedo reverse-seam top

But no matter. I can still appreciate, and eye with envy anyone who snaps up any of my favourites: an amazing v-neck reverse-seam top ($98, above; Sister, this is what it's supposed to look like on figure); a gorgeous, slender-figure flattering leather quilted bomber ($299, below left); and an asymmetrical zippered mesh dress ($98, below right).

Denis Gagnon for Bedo bomber and asymmetrical zippered dress

Denis Gagnon for Bedo is in 14 stores across Canada and available online. For more background, visit the Montreal Gazettehere and here.

Images courtesy of Bedo.