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Weekend Reads: Bio Sculpture Gel Nails, A Pro's Mary Kay Kit, Reduced Retouching, and Is Acetone a Hazard?

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Jacob No Retouch

From the way I've been going on, you'd think there were only two types of soak-off gel nail finishes in the world, OPI Axxium and CND Shellac. I've actually mentioned Bio Sculpture in passing -- it hit salons well before Axxium -- but haven't tried it. For the lowdown from someone who has, hit I'mTheItGirl.

One of the issues raised by the increasing interest in soak-off gels is you want me to soak in what? Acetone? Won't that damage my nails? Get the acetone scoop from a nail pro who's also a total geek about research (you know I love that) via

A little while back, Best Health Magazine's Jen Masseau showed up at a press event with killer bangs. She'd had a fringe all along, but this time the line was subtly different, with big impact. "Greg May did them," she told me. I wasn't surprised -- the Yorkville-based stylist is aces at structure. He gives advice on the best bangs for your face shape via

Speaking of Best Health, are you guilty of unhealthy beauty practices? Take note of five you need to quit on

Makeup clients always remark when I bust out my Mary Kay shades to turn up their pretty. See what a top Canadian makeup pro does with them on

Former Project Runway contestant Jessica Biffi's been busy for Addition-Elle. Her second collection for them launches this month, ushered in with a series of shopping parties across Canada. Get the deets via Lou Lou mag's 14+blog.

A Canadian clothing retailer's decided to cut back on photo-fooling. For the news on Jacob's new position on retouching, visit