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F is for Fringe Tip: You CAN Curl Your Lashes After Mascara

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Pretty much every makeup artist in the universe has decreed curling lashes after applying mascara a beauty sin. I've said the same, too. With good reason: a fierce squeeze can result in a) lash loss because mascara can stick firmly enough to the lash curler to pull weaker lashes from the lid; b) an un-pretty exaggerated 90-degree crimp in your lashes; c) a lash curler coated in old clumps of mascara -- ick.

But who hasn't at least once or twice, after having been told never to do it, snuck a post-mascara curl? Confession: I have. And I've done it on clients, too, when their lashes are curl-resistant. And on today's "CityLine" broadcast, makeup artist Dino Dilio declared it an okay move as well, especially for lashes that have trouble holding a curl.

The key word is gentle. You need less pressure to get a curve in your lashes if they're already wearing mascara. Dilio suggests curling bare lashes first, applying one light coat of mascara, curling gently (once the mascara is dry), and finishing with a final coat of mascara.

And use a makeup remover wipe to clean that lash curler properly. A gunky curler is just gross, and does not deliver a smooth, clean curve

Best lash curlers: Tweezerman, at drugstores; Shu Uemura, at Holt Renfrew; Shiseido, at Shiseido counters and Sephora.