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Multi-Colours: How to Wear a Six-Shade Eye Shadow Palette, Part Two

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Yesterday I posted two suggestions from celeb makeup pro Andrea Claire regarding Guerlain's six-shade Champs-Élysées palette ($90). I suspect she'll be picking the palette up for herself and posting more suggestions on her own site soon. *grin*

In the meantime, today's what-to-dos come from a top artist who prefers to remain a mystery so as not to be seen as endorsing the palette. You have to make your own decision on this: the artist says the brand is under the LVMH umbrella, and as such is part of a group that is not animal-cruelty free. I haven't confirmed such a thing; I'm only relaying the artist's reason for anonymity. I respect that decision, as well as the terrific list of options s/he generously provided anyway.

Tips from a Mystery Pro Artist
There are countless ways to wear this palette... here are a few:

Day look A:
1. Soft pink on lid up to crease
2. White on inner corner and on brow bone
3. Pinky-brown on outer corner of lid and along bottom lash line
4. Line upper lash line thinly with black shadow

Day look B:
1. Pinky-brown on lid
2. Soft pink from crease to brow
3. Soft gray along bottom lashline

Evening look A (smokey):
1. Soft gray on lid
2. Pinky-brown in crease
3. Purple along bottom lashline
4. Soft Pink on brow bone
5. White on inner corners
6. Line with black top and bottom

Evening look B:
1. Pinky brown on inner 1/3 lid top and bottom
2. Purple outer 2/3 lid top and bottom
3. Soft gray in crease
4. Soft pink on brow
5. Line outer 2/3rds with black, top and bottom

Counting yesterday's, that's six ways to wear Champs-Élysées so far, and of course they can be translated to other palettes you have... archived. Simply substitute shades of the same intensity as you follow the instructions.

The Guerlain Fall collection, including the Champs-Élysées palette is available at Guerlain boutiques, Holt Renfrew and The Bay.