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The Replacements: Stash New Compact Powder Puffs in Your Purse

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I've been avoiding my own gaze in the compact mirror lately. The reason? My past-its-prime pressed-powder puff. In a word: gross. I admit it. (Note: I did not photograph it.) I've been meaning to replace the wretched thing for weeks, but kept forgetting to dig out my replacements at home. So every time I whipped out my pressed powder for an in-the-back-of-a-cab application, I'd wince at the sight of the grimy. *shameface*

Today a solution occurred to me. I've decided to keep a two-pack of MAC compact powder puffs ($7) tucked in the zippered pocket inside my purse. It's not a large packet, and it's flat, so it won't take up much room. And I'll not have to avoid my own gaze in the compact mirror again. Not about a better-off-tossed powder puff, anyway.