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Gossip Girl: Leighton Meester Does the Herbal with Charles Baker Strahan

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with Leighton Meester after our backseat interview enroute to Pearson International

With Leighton Meester after our backseat chat enroute to Pearson International airport.

I think Leighton Meester might be slightly unimpressed with how far behind I am on "True Blood," this season. Not in a judge-y way, but in an omigod-you-have-so-much-to-catch-up-on-and-it's-so-good way. And I know she's right. For ages I've been meaning to sign up for the channel that airs it. And thanks to my chat with Leighton, I've done it and can check at least that off my list.

leighton meester and herbal essences in toronto

Leighton was in town this past Saturday to chat about how she and delightful celeb stylist Charles Baker Strahan (below) are best Herbal-Essence buddies. I can't tell you much more than that yet because I'm writing a story on what the actress and I discussed during an SUV-ride to the airport – Leighton, Charles and her PR had a flight to catch – but I'll link when it's published. Stay tuned.

With lovely celeb stylist Charles Baker Strahan

With lovely celebrity stylist Charles Baker Strahan, spokesperson for Herbal Essences haircare

And after that I'm scheduling a "True Blood" marathon. Soon-ish.

P.S. Leighton loves fuchsia lipstick -- she complimented me on mine. It's Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick in Star Fuchsia, $32.

UPDATE: The Leighton Meester interviews are here (her beauty secrets), here (Metro News), here (about being "off her rocker" in The Roommate), and here (about falling for Hugh Laurie in The Oranges)!

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