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F is for Federer: Roger Federer Shirtless = Gillette Odour Shield Body Wash

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Roger Federer_Rogers Cup Aug 12 2010_Toronto

So I like watching tennis, it turns out.

The folks at Gillette had a little press launch for some of the brand's newest releases yesterday, serendipitously timed in such a way as to allow some of us to catch Roger Federer, a Gillette Champion Spokesperson, in action. (Best timing: we missed his warm-up session, but on our way back up to the box, Federer got into the small elevator we were in. He's tall.)

I know not much about tennis, and had to ask who Federer defeated -- Michael Llodra -- but I don't think that matters. Because I got this photo, which naturally leads to talk of shower gel. Shower gel such as Gillette Odour Shield Sport Body Wash, $4.99, top-loaded with all my favourite scent notes, crisp bergamot, lime, grapefruit, orange and tangerine, and rounded out with the usual woodsy, moss and musk notes for a fresh/sporty dude finish.

More photos on the BeautyGeeks Facebook page. *grin*

Gillette Sport is available at food, drug, and mass-merch retailers now.