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More Than Skin Deep: Give-Back Beauty

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LaCoupe Orgnx helps to plant moringa trees -- they've hit 225,018 now; The Body Shop raises awareness and money to put a stop to the sex trafficking of children and young people (Susan Sarandon is the newest spokesperson for the campaign) as well as to violence in the home and unprotected teen sex; Consonant Body funds sleep kits for severely under-privileged kids around the world; and P&G creates clean drinking water out of the decidedly unpure in disaster-stricken areas as well in as developing countries.

Charity Cases

Whether a cosmetics company donates resources to replenish raw materials, protect the environment, or provide aid to vulnerable and needy people, that extra element is an easy way for us to feel as though our beauty spending goes for a cause better than just our looks, right?

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Top photo: Procter & Gamble and World Vision distribute the two billionth litre of P&G Children's Safe Drinking Water in the town of Dichato to Chilean earthquake survivors. (PRNewsFoto/The Procter & Gamble Company)