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Lipstick Diary: What I Wore That Day

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John Donato Luxury Lipstick in Love Struck

I have never had much patience for what I like to call "your-name-here" cosmetics. The term refers to generic makeup someone buys from a manufacturer to sell to their customers after simply slapping on their own label. It's a branding move, not one driven by geeky passion to create something new, special and personal.

So having prejudged this line as such, I never would have tried this lipstick had I not started this diary thing (um... sorry, John). But when it arrived from the clever PR folk who sent it, I liked the colour in the tube. So I tried it.

It's John Donato Luxury Lipstick in Lovestruck, $20. And despite it not being the fruit of John's late-night labours over his home chemistry set, it's a nice, shimmery pink lipstick -- I'd thought it had a coral tint before applying it, but that's a lighting thing -- and an easy pick-up when you're in for a cut and colour at one of his four busy salon/spas.

John Donato is one of Canada's top hair stylists, by the way, with a star-studded career. I told him years ago that he needs to put out a coffee-table book on the subject because he doesn't go around talking it up. Check it out some of his work here.

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