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Rut Buster: CARGO Dare to Play Eye Makeup Palette (and 7in7 Mini Kit)

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CARGO Dare to Play

Speaking of great how-to beauty palettes, CARGO Dare to Play eye makeup kit ($45) is just the ticket if you're tired of doing the same ol' mascara-and-liner look you've worn forever. You know who you are.

The kit includes base colours in Sheer Nude, Shimmering Shell and Soft Beige (which you can wear on their own as simple lid brighteners if you're in a rush), five shadows for your "outer corners," five "pop" colours, and clear, beyond-easy 1-2-3 application diagrams on the inner lid of the box.

If you're a neutrals nut, fine. You'll want to check out CARGO's 7in7 Mini Kit ($39). The box includes mini concealer/foundation hybrid, shadow quad, pencil, mascara, blush, reverse lip liner (an "outliner" if you will, that you use to line the outside edge of the lip), plus a great watermelon-shade mini gloss. And as you can see from the photo below, the instructions are a snap to follow.

CARGO 7in7 Mini Kit

CARGO was started by veteran makeup pro Barbara Alexander (who I worked with many times around then), and current president Hana Zalzal. Its award-winning innovations over the years -- blister-pack Daily Gloss, foundation-pouch packaging, genius eye-shadow ColorCards, and the first-to-market biodegradeable corn-polymer PlantLove lipstick tubes -- make it one of the coolest Canadian makeup brands out there. (I think the company was also the first out with a high-def line, Blu-Ray, and the celeb-designed-lipstick-colour angle is pretty danged smart, too.)

Frankly, I wish I'd come up with this stuff.

Dare to Play is available at Murale and select independent retailers; 7in7 is also available at Sears. Images courtesy of CARGO Cosmetics.