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Oil-Slick Face? A Starbucks Napkin Does the Blotting Trick on the Cheap

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Starbucks napkins make good blotting sheets in a pinch

I wish I could remember who told me Starbucks napkins are awesome face-oil soaker-uppers. Michelle Pon? Sonya Pon? Whoever did, great tip, thank you. Sbux napkins really are handy suckers when you've forgotten your blot powder at home or need to dab away the sheen before you re-apply (patting powder directly onto an oil slick transfers the oil to your puff and then to your powder to make the surface hard and shiny -- ick). Or maybe you're a fellow who doesn't usually use cosmetics to control shine (you should add Neostrata Oil-Free Matifying Fluid to your skincare stash though).

Whether they're an on-the-cheap solution rather depends on your choice of beverage, but whatevs.

Celeb makeup artist Bruce Grayson says public-washroom toilet-seat liners are brilliant as blot paper too (they are).

I'll let you decide which suits you best. No judgement here. Not about this.