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Runway Beauty: Behind Catwalk Makeup

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Gucci Westman_Dick Page_Pat McGrath_Gordon Espinet

From flushed cheeks and rosy lips to goth-white complexions and hashtag black liner, runway looks range from ethereally beautiful to no-one-sane-would-leave-the-house-like-that. How do the makeup masters responsible get from one sensibility to the other? If they're capable of such beauty on one hand, what's with the whacky at the other end of the spectrum?

It's all about inspiration, storytelling and contributing to an image. FASHION Magazine beauty editor Lesa Hannah talked to the best pros in the business about how they craft the trendsetting looks for each season's designer offerings. Click here to see images and learn more.

Images from left: Revlon Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman; Shiseido Creative Director Dick Page; P&G Global Creative Design Director Pat McGrath; and M.A.C. VP of Makeup Artistry Gordon Espinet