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Weekend Reads: DiY Updos, Watermelon Days, Zara by Phone, EcoFab Rings

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J.Fein Rings

Last week when we were doing hair and makeup for the much-fun Marks Fall Fashion preview show, lovely hair guy Greg May told me I should be able to twist my hair into an easy side chignon without having to work the fraülein french braid first. I pooh-poohed the idea. "It'll never stay," I said. "Too many layers." But I thought about it some, then actually tried it a couple of days later. And on the first try got it to stay for the whole day with just six hairpins. By no means was it an elegant ’do, however. Not like these three easy DiY looks by hair/makeup pro Andrea Claire.

At the moment I cart my makeup supplies around in handy pouches tucked into a pretty great Obusforme backpack. But I'm thinking of ways to streamline the pack-up process further, now that I've spotted this smart, stackable soft-case Zuca Bag organizing system on Makeup Junkie.

We're in the watermelon days of summer, I think. Yum! I found a delicious-looking recipe for watermelon salad (beauty from the inside out!) on The Sweet Potato Chronicles, -- and a watermelon-facial-toner recipe on Faces by Farah.

You don't need to have a stylist friend on speed dial these days, cuz there's an app for that. Tiffany's came out with an engagement ring finder a few weeks back (Lucky Penny shares here); now joining the app ranks is Zara, according to Beauty Crazed.

I'm a sucker for a statement ring. On a recent press trip to the Weleda gardens in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, I spotted a gorgeous cocktail ring on fellow trip participant Caitlin Bristol, creative director of EcoFabulous. I meant to ask her about it, but was instead distracted by her plight -- she'd just had her suitcase lost by an airline for the second time in a row. More on that later (as well as on Weleda), but for now, I'm pretty sure Caitlin's amazing ring was one of this J. Fein Designs collection.

Images from J. Fein Designs.