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Weekend Reads: Ice Cream Alert, Thinking Inside the Box, A Case of iStyle

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Get the scoop on helping Big Brothers and Big Sisters with a delicious lick of icecream today: Health & Swellness.

An engagement shoot in Haiti inspires a lady in love to support a nation in need: Coco & Lowe.

Sometimes you want to think inside the box: Gifted.

Artful highlights and shadows to bring out the best in your bone structure: Chick Advisor.

Dimple-smoothing thigh potions aren't miracle creams, but they can help:

Wax on, hair off -- at-home solutions for sunny-weather limb liberation: Lipstick Powder n Paint.

Bullets can be beautiful in the right context: What Women Want.

Say yes to the iPhone dress by Kate Spade: At Home with Kim Vallée.