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F is for Fuzzies-Free: Make-Offs Signature Cosmetic Removal Pads

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Make-Off Signature Cosmetic Pads

I have zero patience for makeup removal pads that leave a linty web behind on your lashes, skin, and in your eyes, or become a shreddy, fuzzy mess when you try to separate one pad from another. Life Brand, I'm looking at you (sorry Shoppers -- I love you, but those are a cotton-pad FAIL). One round-quilted type I tried fell apart like confetti with any sort of handling, and had sharp, scratchy edges too. Fail, fail, fail.

I've long preferred Make-Offs Cosmetic Removal Pads. Soft and 100 per cent cotton, the pads do not disintigrate as you use them like some others do, and they rate well on the leave-no-lint scale. But Shoppers stopped carrying them when they introduced their Life Brand duds. Grrr.

The day I discovered the Guardian Drugs in my hood carries Make-Offs was a good day. I snagged three bags and did a happy dance. (I really did. Folks looked at me funny.) And now I'm even happier because I've just snapped up the brand's Signature lint-free texture ($3.49 per 100), which are soft yet durable, and completely live up to the lint-free name.

Make-Offs, either the Signature or Supreme Oval, are must-haves. And they're made in Canada.

UPDATE: Rexall's Quilted Square Cosmetic Pads suck big time too -- mine turned into a square column of linty cotton batting. But, surprisingly, Life Brand Certified Organic Cotton pads are more like the Make-Offs, much better than the regular Life Brand fails.

Make-Offs Supreme are available at and Guardian Drugs (and likely other Rexall Pharma subsidiaries); Make-Offs Signature at Guardian Drugs/Rexall.