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Glee Club: Joe Fresh Glass Lip Gloss

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Joe Fresh Glass_$6 each

"Hey, are your yoga pants Lulu Lemon?" Beauty Blitz founder Polly Blitzer asked me while I was in Schwäbish Gmünd, Germany, last week.

"Nope, they're Joe Fresh," I answered gleefully -- for some reason when Joe Fresh is the answer, it's always gleeful. "Joe Fresh is a Canadian line by Joseph Mimran, the guy who created Club Monaco then sold it to Ralph Lauren several years ago," I shared helpfully. "You can't get Joe in the States, but you can check out the line at" (Note: Club Monaco was bought by Polo Ralph Lauren, to be precise, in 1999.)

Later, at dinner, someone else complimented my purple jersey dress, and again I answered with glee, "It's Joe Fresh!"

And the day after that, in Stuttgart, Germany, I pulled out a watermelon-esque gloss (hey, old habits and all that), at the sight of which The Daily Green's photo and web editor Gloria Dawson immediately asked, "Ooh, what's that?"

It was Joe Fresh Glass in Poppy, lightly minty and super sheer. And again, I answered with glee.

Joe Fresh Glass ($6) is new, out next month with 12 shades if you include clear. From left to right in the top row, they're Kissable, Shell, Cosmopolitan, Naked, Toffee and Bubble Gum; the second row is Poppy, Grape, Berry, Pomegranate, Popsicle and Spice.

That's 12 shades of glee. If you include clear.

Visit for store locations.