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F is for Figure-Type: Molson 67 Glassware to Swimwear Guide

Shopping for a swimsuit ranks up there as one of the most stressful experiences for women. But you can make it a better one with these five key tips to prop up your self-esteem.
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A beer company wants to help us pick the best bathing suit for our bodies. For realz. Canada's Molson 67 recently designed a Glasswear-to-Swimwear bathing-suit guide suggesting that we look to the shapes of various glases -- wine, brandy, champagne, and a beer bottle too -- to help determine our own shapes and our most flattering cut of swimsuit.

Comparing body types to glasses is a quirky idea and yes, a bit of a stretch, but I like it for a couple of key reasons. One, it de-personalizes the body shape, takes it out of the context of our insecurities. As a glass, a shape is a shape, nothing to do with personality, esteem, rejection or self-loathing. It's just a shape of a glass.

Two, it's worth noting that a glass is really only as interesting as what you put in it, right? Sounds corny, but a reminder that what's inside is what counts is always good. Download a PDF of the Molson 67 Glasswear to Swimwear Guide here.

Have a Better Bathing-Suit Shopping Experience

If you're still in the market for a suit because you've been dreading the excursion, there are a few simple things you can do that should improve the experience immensely:

1) Do your hair and makeup. Swimsuit shopping can be demoralizing, despite the impersonal glass-shapes angle. You're getting into and out of awkward clothing in a small, garishly lit room. You can't go in there with a bare face and boring ponytail. Make sure your hair looks great and your makeup is gorgeous so you know you look good.

2) Bronze up those pasty-white limbs so you look like a golden goddess. Get a spray tan, use a quick-colour formula or do the gradual glow moisturizer thing for a week before you go. Even if the whole faux glow thing is usually too much hassle for you, do it. Your self-esteem is worth the effort.

3) Take an honest but kind friend. You don't want someone who is brutally honest -- it's not nice to hear, "Oh no, girl, that makes your behind look the size of a mall parking lot." You want a friend who can make you feel beautiful just as you are, who is about showcasing your best features, as in "The colour is gorge with your skintone -- I'm so jealous! -- but let's try a cut with adjustable straps and more support," or "Wow, that halter style does wonderfully sexy things for your upper body; let's try it in a different pattern or colour."

4) Wear a pretty dress and sandals that are easy to slip on and off. A wardrobe struggle doesn't do a girl any shopping favours.

5) If you're shy about your figure, grab some pretty cover-ups to try on with your suits. You want to see the whole beach-babe outfit.

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