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Weekend Reads: A Fugly Scare, Pretty Page, Model Talk, John's Off the Market

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Ellen Page

When stars make an style oopsie: Mischa Barton scares the Fug Girls on Go Fug Yourself.

Canada's best-known plus model and champion of healthy self-acceptance, Liis Windischmann finds ways to keep her cool on Lou Lou Magazine.

Tiny Ellen Page is smokey-eyed gorgeous at the UK premiere of Inception; she talks about pre-filming nerves and starring with Leo in The Globe and Mail.

Adorable John Krasinski is officially off the market. He and Emily Blunt, former fiancé to Canadian crooner Bublé, did the marriage thing this past weekend according to Just Jared.

Supermodel-type Monika Schnarre talks awkward stages, confidence and beauty secrets for Chatelaine, below:

Ellen Page image borrowed from Just Jared.