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Weekend Reads: A Walkabout, Bike Ride and Summer Consumption

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Sun-dappled tree-lined streets, gardens in bloom, pretty houses, boardwalks, gelato shops... how does strolling your city sweetspots sound? Take another look at Toronto via Gifted.

Rachel McAdams has been snapped riding her bike around Toronto more than once -- totally cool, right? Style yourself bike-ride cool via The Style House.

Speaking of babes, At Home with Kim Vallée's Kim Vallée is up to very cool iPhone app stuff, and is this week's Babe in the Biz on

I'm a sucker for oversize jewelry, so of course my attention was soundly caught by the first shot in this body-armour trend spotted by What Women Want.

"J, I think I'm ready to try a red lip," my friend said to me recently. She's not alone -- red's long been an instant-glam makeup move for the beauty-bold, but these days more and more women are grabbing their lipstick courage, giving the hot hue a try. Here's an application how-to on Chick Advisor.

I'm hungry. Need a live-in chef to make me yummy, summer fare, including these four suggestions plus one refreshing drink, via Lipstick Powder n Paint.

Image courtesy of Mighty Leaf.