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F is for Finesse: Benefit Speed Brow Quick-Set Brow Gel

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Benefit Speed Brow

Could someone tell me please why the brows are the only area in which hair obeys an eviction notice? With bitterness, it seems -- all it took was one overzealous tweeze in my early 20s and that was it.

Now I have to draw my brows on with powder. But if I stop there, the finish is... meh. With Benefit Speed Brow Quick-Set Brow Gel ($21), a tinted gel that dries sans shine, I can finesse the result, define, control and shape so brows look polished yet natural.

I've used clear gels before. But because I use the wand over brow powder, the clear soon turns to a murky greyish brown and looks gross. Speed Brow is cleverly tinted exactly that colour, which for some reason looks better and makes me feel better. Plus the gel works for all brow shades, invisibly disciplines unrulies, and the tube lasts for ages.

Really, I need Speed Brow for brow wow.

Available at Holt Renfrew, Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques and Sephora. Image courtesy of Benefit Cosmetics.