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Consonant Body Citrus Bergamot Body Wash

I'm not all about naturals, but this brand is one I can get into – it looks good and feels good too.
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Consonant Body Citrus Bergamot wash

Consonant Body Citrus Bergamot wash

I'll always give props to made-in-Canada Consonant Body for creating a line of natural skincare that a beauty editor or prop stylist would be pleased to feature in a magazine photoshoot. Sure the formulations are elegant, the textures pleasing, and the scents refreshing, but without great packaging to draw a user in, who's going to find that out?

Now I'm giving props to the newest in the collection, Citrus Bergamot, the super-foamy body wash in particular. Yes, it's skin friendly with lipid-rich organic olive oil and coconut oil, plus jojoba oil and aloe, but the scent is what gets me.

The citrus bergamot blend isn't quite what I expected -- anytime I see or hear the word "citrus" I'm suddenly in a mental happy of bursting grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange and tangerine. Consonant Body Citrus Bergamot isn't that kind of citrus (hello, bergamot).

But boy does it smell clean, with an artifice-free briney, sea-spray quality that makes a city-stuck girl feel like she's cottaging by the beach.

That's a pretty good start for these muggy, liquid-heat days of summer.

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