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Weekend Reads: Skin-softening fabrics, DIY Mani and Freaky Peepers, for Realz

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Michelle Phan GaGa Eyes

My favourite super-snuggly-soft muppet socks (which happen to be part of the Airplus Comfy Feet Basket) aren't the only fabric items infused with moisturizing ingredients these days. Bedding and car seats make the list on BestHealthMag.

After so much talk of salon manis for long-last UV polish, an at-home how-to refresher for good ol' polish can't hurt. Just cut short the soaking part to avoid waterlogged nails. Here's a step-by-step via video on CanadianLiving.

Of course you want a sneak preview of nail polish for Fall. Here's what's on OPI's manicure table, via Coco & Lowe.

I confess, I've procrastinated shamefully on my own warm-weather-skin prep -- and I bet I'm not alone. But now we're firmly in the summer stretch, now's a good time for this what-to-do on ElleCanada.

Can't talk online beauty geeking without a holla to Lipstick Powder n Paint's lovely Ellen Mirza. Get to know her on

South of our border, girls are going GaGa for hyper-big peepers. Their method of achieving them may be cause for concern, according to NYTimes (I think I have to agree, Liza!).

Speaking of our neighbours, Happy 4th of July!

Image: Michelle Phan's GaGa look.