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F is for Facebook: "Like" BeautyGeeks and Enter to Win a Comfy-Feet Basket

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Airplus Gift Basket

Staff has managed to build BeautyGeeks a new Facebook page, can you believe it? Says she wants you to have a place to leave questions or chatty comments as you like. And if that's not enough, she's also arranged for a prize for "Likers" of BeautyGeeks. Become one, and you'll be eligible for a draw to win an Airplus for Her Comfy-Feet Basket worth about $100.

The only requisite is that you must live in Canada -- I'm sorry, south-of-our-border friends. Staff hasn't figured out how to include you just yet, but she's suddenly keen to work on that too.

So see that Facebook/BeautyGeeks box on the left side of your screen near the top? That's your portal to a little "Like" button in BeautyGeeks Likedom (or you can click here to get there) and a chance to win the following:

Save my Sole heel-to-forefoot cushioning that promises not to scrunch toes
Hug my Heels heel liners to help avoid blisters and adjust fit
Ball of Foot cushioning for those thin-soled shoes
Gel Steppies for ball-of-foot cushioning in high-heeled shoes
Heel Savers with a variety of gel inserts to help sore heels and heel spurs
Airplus Shoe Comfort Kit, which includes Sure Steps sole grips
Aloe Infused Socks jacked with moisturizing aloe and Vitamin E
Coolmax Insoles for your athletic shoes, work shoes or boots

A winner will be selected at random and announced on the BeautyGeeks Facebook page after Friday July 9th.

Nice, huh? Don't worry, I'll make sure Staff's appreciated for her unexpected thoughtfulness, just don't tell. Can't have her thinking I've gone soft.

Images courtesy of Airplus for Her.