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Oh Sweet Beauty: Häagen-Dazs at Fifty

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I wish Häagen-Dazs containers were bigger. One of my favourite guilty pleasures, Rolo ice cream, comes in a honking container size and I like it that way. I like it because it's not a carton that says, "hey, no problem, I can sit with you while you watch "White Collar," "So You Think You Can Dance," or maybe your 14th viewing of Step Up 2." A big Rolo ice cream container says, "you better get a dish for what you want outta me, girlie."

Häagen-Dazs containers, all spruced up in a We're 50! design update, say, "oh, don't bother with a bowl, honey. We'll come with you. See how easy we are for you to carry? You can just take what you want and put us back in the freezer on a commercial break. What, it's a movie? No commercials? Oh, even better! We love movies! Please let us stay with you? Puhleeeeeze? Wait, what? Single-serving sizes? Pshaw, those are for amateurs. You can do better. You deserve better. See? We're perfect together, just as we are, us in our new packaging and you so pretty. C'mon, please? Yay!"

Shut up already. Movie's starting.

Limited-edition flavours Chocolate Chocolate Chip and Pralines'n'Cream, about $6.99 each, now available at grocery and specialty stores.