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Smashing Lips: The Right Gloss for You plus What Betty White Wore

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Stunning and Legendary

I know I'm on a lipstick kick lately, but it doesn't mean I'm completely off gloss. I'll always love that gloss nudges five years off your face. I also like gloss for brides because it's so easy to apply and to touch up if you're less than accomplished as your own best makeup artist. Plus, because most are sheer, you don't get stuck with an unattractive outline as the colour wears away.

And that sheer quality is why some women think they can't wear gloss well -- the natural pigment in your lips makes a difference. If your lips are naturally rosy, sheer shades work with your natural hue to create something uniquely you, and of course they'll always suit your skintone because your natural colouring shows through.

But what if you have really pale lips, like a bridal client I had a few months back? Or maybe you don't love your natural rosiness, like another bridal client I worked with as well?

Smashbox makes me happy with their Lip Enhancing Gloss ($22 each), which makes things easy by offering varying degrees of opacity. Sheer Colour needs no explanation, right? True Colour is semi-sheer, pepped up with a bit more pigment so you'll get more colour over your own natural tone. Full Colour is opaque, a what-you-see-is-what-you-get solution for pale lips as well as rosy.

If you don't mind adding another element to your lip-colour regiment, liner is an easy wear-whatever-gloss-you-want solution. Smashbox happens to make liners that give great nude for a range of skintones. A light pencil layer plus gloss helps sheer and semi-sheer shades show up a bit more, and helps liner stay on longer. And if colour bleeding is your gloss issue, a base of liner will help keep it in place. Clear liner (Revlon makes one) along the rim of your lips will also keep glossy colour corralled.

So what about Betty White? Really, it's the Smashbox connection rather than gloss. While I was out of town last week, pro lead artist Lori Taylor was in Toronto to demo the Fall lineup. During her meet with FASHION Magazine's Lesa Hannah, she revealed that she'd done a touch-up on the delightful Betty White at the MTV Movie Awards (squeee! Who doesn't love Betty White?) using a combination of the two shades of Photo Finish Lipstick ($25 each) in the above photo. Click here to get the lipstick scoop.

Smashbox is available at Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques and Sephora.