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Weekend Reads: Bieber Hair, Whitney-Port Pretty, Liner Rules, Making Your Blog Pay

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Whitney Port MMVAs 2010 _ photography Jill Dunn

I am not at all obsessed with hair this week. Nor am I in any way obsessed with Justin Bieber. Seriously. But Bieber's ’do has spookily taken on a life of its own. A friend sent me this link to a hilarious Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber site some weeks back; I caught a TMZ report on a Bieber-boozing incident that wasn't; and on my recent visit to P&G's Cincinnati labs, I met beauty-and-style editor Ysolt Usigan, who put together this fun Bieber-hair exercise on

I am, however, on the verge of an obsession with liner. The outrageous Andrea Arterbery, who I also met in Cincinnati, is already in the clutches of a full-blown liner-is-life addiction. Her tips for two cute ways to wear it are on

Have I mentioned how humid it was in Cincinnati? That dang F-word screamed in my head every time I left the high-A/C safety of any interior (Cincy-folks love their A/C, and with good reason). Beauty editor (and author) Grace Gold, however, had gorgeous Frizz-free hair for the entire trip *envious sigh*. Rather than yet another hair link, though, here's her assessment of a Vichy skin-brightening offering, on StyleList.

A wee lipstick regret bubbled up on my trip. Fellow P&G visitor Abby Gardner rocked MAC Petals & Peacocks magenta lipstick from the Liberty of London collection, which debuted well before my lip-brights exercise and is no longer available. *moue* Oh well. That doesn't spoil my enjoyment of Abby's gallery of Madonna's style hits and huh-moments pre-launch of the superstar's line for Macy's; it's on

I met the legendary Diahann Carroll on my very first day at Livent Inc. years ago, at a cast meet for Sunset Boulevard at the Ford Centre. She wore large dark sunglasses to hide her makeup-bare eyes -- a great tip for get-out-of-the-house-fast beauty. Feisty Rosy Cordero, another Cinci meet, runs a thriving pop-culture site from her Miami home base; her chat with Ms Carroll about her role in one of my fave TV shows, "White Collar," is on AccidentalSexiness.

Jill Dunn, a super-smart beauty writer and former beauty editor of Glow magazine is now on a new adventure as the editor of a new-ish site. At last weekend's MMVAs, she scored a snap of "The City" star Whitney Port (above) and the beauty lowdown on her MMVA look for

Michelle Villett is making my life easy *grin*. Her Babe-in-the-Biz series lets me get in a link to her site and introduce other members at the same time. Here's ChickAdvisor's clever co-founder Ali de Bold, on

The biggest question in the blogosphere, often asked in hushed tones by just-starting-outs or rudely by people we've just met, is how to make this gig pay. Award-winning blogger Kim Vallée knows something about that, and generously shares her blog-advertising tips at On the Web with Kim Vallée.

Photography by Jill Dunn and borrowed from