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Weekend Reads: Makeup Sicky, Healthy Hair DOs, Twilight Eclipse Beauty

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Confess: you've heard many times that cleaning your makeup brushes and tossing old makeup is a must, but you're not so diligent. Right? Well that wrong could lead to some pretty nasty stuff that requires at least an antibiotics hook-up. Icky deets on BestHealthMag.

I should really avoid a certain website because it makes me want to buy stuff, like this totally-me gewgaw. Wanna buy it for me? Hit Gifted.

Then there's my soft spot for almost anything Marc Jacobs. Does "almost anything" indicate an air of restraint? See WhatWomenWant.

At Ritual on King a year and a half ago, I shamelessly eavesdropped on stylist Vivian's hair-smart advice to a client as she executed a cut I just had to photograph afterward. I sent a friend to see her; she's been V's client ever since. Turns out Coco's a client too, and got these great, healthy-hair tips that include changing up your workout ’do to avoid damage and how eating right can help. More on Coco & Lowe.

Speaking of summer hair styles, I love a vid that shows you how to do something from the DIY perspective. The third person in this series is Andrea Lavinthal, a beauty editor (and author) I met this past week on a tour of P&G Beauty's Cincinnati facilities (more on that later). Over to RealBeauty.

At the Twilight: Eclipse premiere this week, my favourite beauty look was Dakota Fanning's (above). I love that the 16-year-old kept it simple and fresh, highlighting her enviably young features and pretty skin to their best advantage while she still has them. Her natural brows are amazing, and that swipe of gold shadow and flick of black liquid liner are an easy, flattering copy for most of us. Get the deets on the rest of the Eclipse crew on