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F is for Fare: Premier Prestige Taxi in Toronto is Great Limo-esque Service at Taxi Prices

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Prestige Taxi_formerly Premier Taxi_Toronto

I know a post on cabs is unexpected fare on a mostly beauty-stuff site. But truly, there is beauty in Prestige Taxi (formerly Premier Taxi).

First, the 20-vehicle fleet is made up of spotless Lincoln Town Cars and experienced, well-groomed drivers (the company has a no-jeans, no-sneakers dress code, says Prestige Taxi owner owner Vijay).

Second, Prestige Taxi drivers provide a chilled bottle of water (room temp in the winter) for every client who calls in for a car (vs flagging one in the street).

Third, morning airport runs come with a complimentary coffee; you'll be asked when you book what you take in your brew. "We want to say 'thank you for your business' to our customers," explains Vijay. "It's our pleasure."

Fourth, the Prestige Taxi fare is pretty much the same as at other companies. Seriously.

Because the fleet is small, pre-booking the day before is adviseable, or giving at least a half-hour's notice if you're looking for same-day travel. Busy times of the day could be tricky for short-notice calls; a car might not be available, or may take longer to get to you than you can wait. But call anytime, says Vijay. "We'll try very hard to accommodate."

See? Beauty.

Prestige Taxi (formerly known as Premier), (416) 266-1414