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Pencil Power: CoverGirl LiquiLineBlast Eyeliner

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CoverGirl liquiline_blast_eyeliner_1

I recently geeked out some over CARGO's Swimmables coloured liners; now I'm geeking out about CoverGirl LiquiLineBlast Eyeliners ($10.99). Designed to complement the Smoky ShadowBlast eye shadow sticks, they're silky, stay-put, satisfyingly bold, and comparable to the Swimmables, with a little more blending time.

LiquiLineBlast Eyeliner shades include trusty black and brown as well as a purple called Violet Voltage, a bright Blue Bloom and electric Green Glow, all designed to look great with every eye colour. Balance colour-happy eyes with a soft blush such as CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush in Rich Cinnamon (that white swirl in the blush is to show you the skincare component of the formula, according to Dr. Sarah Vickery, principal scientist, R&D Color Cosmetics for P&G), and a soft gloss in sheer peach or red.

Go play!

Available at drugstores and mass retailers next month.