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Weekend Reads 2: Chemical-Free SPF, More Braiding, Lipgloss Love, a Lucky Win

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With the troubling issues surrounding chemical sunscreen ingredients such as oxybenzone and now retinyl palmitate, chemical-free SPF makes more sense than ever. FASHION Magazine beauty editor and green-beauty expert Lesa Hannah shares her best-of-the-season picks on

Pollyanna throws her week's pick in with what she thinks is the sweetest, most adorable thing ever: matching shoes for Dad, Mom and baby on Gifted.

Speaking of braids, they're making a statement in accessories too, in this take-notice line of jewelry highlighted on Coco&Lowe.

Afiya Francisco is the utterly stylish beauty behind The Style House. Get to know her in's continuing Babe-in-the-Biz series.

Lipstick may be in the spotlight these days, but sheer gloss is still just so easy and pretty for summer. Lipstick Powder n Paint geeks out over Maybelline's newest glossy kisses of colour.

You feelin' lucky? Random penny discoveries led the co-founder of Lucky Penny to the name; clicking through the link could lead you to a lucky win of $100-worth of Live Clean natural body care.