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F is for Femme: Win a Venus Embrace + $200 Town Shoes Gift Card Prize

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Venus Embrace Disposable and Satin Skin Care Shave Gel

"Razors don't work for me," said my friend yesterday, after asking about laser hair removal. "My hair, it's so thick and it grows fast..."

"You get five o'clock shadow, huh?" I sympathized. I know that story. "Bet you haven't tried a Venus Embrace razor," I said, pretty sure I knew the answer. Hers isn't a new story; it's similar to mine. And as expected, she hadn't.

In the last few weeks I've heard from more than one woman raving about the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor and clamouring for a woman's equivalent. And not one of the women I asked had tried a five-blade Venus Embrace, which is designed for shaving women's legs and underarms the way the Fusion is designed for a man's face. Seriously -- there's a whole World Shaving Headquarters set up for the study of shaving habits, techniques and technology, at which teams of engineers work on such things.

So, here: if you live in Canada (except Québec), win a chance to try a Venus Embrace disposable five-blader in a prize pack that includes a $200 Town Shoes Gift Card. (I'm sorry Québec readers -- sadly there is no Town Shoes where you live.) The total win, a $250 value, includes:

• a package of Venus Embrace Disposables
• new Satin Care Cooling Sensation shave gel
• new Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer (a time-saver on time-short days)
• a $200 gift card from Town Shoes

Become a subscriber if you aren't already (click here to make that happen), then post a smooth-moves comment below. To be eligible, you must include your city/province info -- won't be eligible without it, 'k?

A winner will be notified after Sunday June 27th. And for closer-and-safer-shave tips from World Shaving Headquarters, pick up the current issue of Best Health Magazine, which features just that type of story from yours truly.

Gillette Venus Embrace razors are available at drugstores and mass retailers;