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F is for Framed: Samsung PL100 Makes Perfect Buddy Photos a Snap

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Samsung PL 100 camera $249

Must be because social media is making the self-snap an everybody-does-it move: now there's a digi-cam that lets you see yourself and your photo friend while snapping your own portraits. Introduced a few months back, the Samsung PL100 ($249.99 suggested retail) features a why-didn't-someone-think-of-it-sooner front LCD display so your cohorts can position their pouts just so, and you -- if you're like me -- can ensure your hair's not dorky.

Obvs the PL100 is a Dad's Day gift idea so Pops can get into the habit of putting himself into all his fun-times photos. But I bet you could probably do with one too, for all those Facebook profile pics and the I'm-the-only-model-on-hand-at-this-hour images for your blogsession.

If you're not ready to buy a new camera for yourself, though, I've a handy buddy-photo tutorial right here. I've been doing shots like this sans tech help for 20 years. Old school, right?

On sale at for $179.99 until June 24, 2010!