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F is for Fox: And for Feline-Face Fail

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Megan Fox_oh no

Heidi Montag is not the only one with issues. According to, Megan Fox, 23, as she was and as she is now. Thanks for the alert, Jen -- and you're right. Oh. Noes. The Fox is starting to look feline, like cat lady Jocelyn Wildenstein.


UPDATE June 19: more Megan Fox alteration photos from before the 2007 "look." Sigh. Clearly she didn't know when to stop. Sad.

Anyone think she looks a lot like Christina Aguilera in the third image, above?

UPDATE July 12, 2011: When she posted "proof" on Facebook that she doesn't Botox, did Megan Fox fake forehead wrinkles?

For more before/after photos, visit Five Cosmetic Enhancement Lessons from the Many Faces of Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian.

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