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On the Carpet: Catherine Zeta Jones and Cate Blanchett at the 2010 Tony Awards

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Catherine Zeta Jones and Cate Blanchett

Is it wrong to compare and contrast the red-carpet beauty of Catherine Zeta Jones and Cate Blanchett?

Staff's all over it. She thinks Zeta Jones looks like someone who just got her very first multi-palette makeup kit and decided to wear it all to her first fancy party. Blanchett, in her opinion, is sleek, fresh and classically beautiful, with makeup to enhance rather than overpower. Like she's done this before.

Pollyanna gives the usually exotically gorgeous Zeta Jones props for trying something new, playing with pastels, and for her clearly overjoyed outburst-y acceptance speech (we need to hear her Welsh accent more, I think) -- but Staff's not having it. The lashes and purple lower-lash lining plus the funny hairdo throws it waaay off for her (more photos here). She's firmly in Blanchett's sharp-new-'do-and-elegant-makeup camp, and digs her shimmery Giorgio Armani Privé suit (if I were skinny...).


Images borrowed from JustJared.