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Weekend Reads 2: Defacing Walls, Going Grey, and Taking One for the Team

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DesignMom dot com

Talk about giving new meaning to "feature wall." I love this in-yer-face way to give a blank wall personality; via Gifted.

Outdoorsy isn't a term I'd ever apply to myself. But I could get behind the version of outdoorsy presented by The Style House.

I may have succumbed to coral's summer lure for a time, but my love for grey nail lacquer is enduring. At a recent press preview I spotted a future acquisition, one already in the clutches of Health & Swellness.

When it comes to lipstick, I am not an addict. No, really -- I'm a recovering gloss addict exploring a new-to-me medium. But I have some junkie suspicions about Lipstick Rules. And maybe Glitter Geek.

My friend Jenn's been telling me about this bid-buy-save set-up, but I've not yet given it a trial run. But for a girl with a shopping addiction, the team-discount concept is irresistable -- so says fittingly named Lucky Penny.