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F is for Fall Fragrance Follow-Up: Twirl by Kate Spade

Twirl by Kate Spade, Fall 2010, fragrance
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Kate Spade Twirl

It's been eight years since Kate Spade's lovely first fragrance, Kate Spade. My memory has it in the same playground as Marc Jacobs debut perfume, likely because both scents had gardenia in common. And both smelled like blue skies and sunshine on my Canadian Living colleague and, regretfully, midnight in the garden of good and evil on me.

Twirl is Spade's first major scent launch since 2002. Her first appears to have been discontinued for some time, unmentioned on her website but stocked by a number of online perfume outlets. A younger (by eight years?) more playful scent, Twirl is a fruity floral, sweet with mandarin, pink watermelon, white peach and red currant and blackberry at the top. Jasmine, magnolia, orange blossom and tiare are the heart; musk, amber and patisserie-inspired French macaron make up the base.

I don't usually talk about stuff so far ahead of its retail availability -- Twirl launches this Fall-- but I got a little excited at the notion of a new Kate Spade. What took her so long? But unfortunately, like her first, this isn't for me; my chemistry turns it too sweet.

On someone else, though, Twirl is that girl, bedecked in a Kate-Spade-pink party dress and heels, flitting off for cocktails with her girlfriends.

50 mL spray, $78; available in September exclusively at Holt Renfrew, then at The Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart in October, and Sephora in November.