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Weekend Reads: Colour, Hair + Sun, and the Best. Candle. Ever. (Maybe.)

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Parasol Top

Of course this season is all about joyful colour -- what better way to greet the sunshine? Other than SPF 30, that is. Get non-SPF what-to-wear inspiration from

Speaking of colour, fade-out is a bit of a concern this time of year especially, so the subject of UV-enhanced hair care always comes up. Whether you colour or not, you'll get great info and recommendations from

And again on colour, you already know it's big for nails I'm sure. Here's another polish to try, recommended by Lipstick Powder n Paint.

If you've been thinking ’bout upping the cottage-appeal of your porch, deck, backyard... or cottage, pillows and cheery accessories are likely on your shopping list. While you're making plans, see what's up on At Home with Kim Vallée.

For the last several years outdoor decor as been about taking the indoors out. See what happens when you take perhaps too much of the outdoors inside on Coco&Lowe.

Pollyanna insisted I add a link to what she thinks is a brilliant gift for just about anyone. She's been perusing Gifted.

I'm an oatmeal-raisin-cookie girl, but occasionally get tempted away by others. Not usually peanut-butter types, but I feel a craving starting thanks to this Giant Peanut Butter Cookie recipe on What Women Want.

To balance the cookie talk, how about a few words on five power foods for active people? I'd put cookies at number six; see the first five at

I've almost eliminated coffee from my routine on account I've been test-driving a new laser-fat-busting thing called Zerona (more in another post soon). I'll soon make it part of my day again, but in a more restrained manner (nine cups in a day is foolish when you put cream in your cup too  *sigh*) thanks to a recent news release on what coffee really does. You'll find a link to more on Health & Swellness, as well as perhaps an even more interesting piece that includes a savory candle that may or may not support a deep and abiding love for tasty, tasty bacon.

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