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F is for Fuzz-Off: Living Proof No Frizz

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Living Proof No Frizz

If you're cursed with it, you know frizz is really a four-letter word, especially on humidity-soaked summer-hot days. I fight it in a number of ways, some more successful than others. These days, I've finally got around to giving Living Proof No Frizz a proper run at flipping frizz the bird.

When it launched in late 2008, Living Proof created quite the buzz around its key ingredient, PolyfluoroEster, which was developed at MIT. Although not silicone, it works very much like it in that it coats the hair shaft to keep fuzz-up moisture out. The difference, apparently, is that it's a smaller molecule, lighter in weight and capable of a tighter bond to the hair to smooth the cuticle, block humidity, protect against heat styling and, says the company, even repell dirt particles so you'll need to wash less often. The effects are also cumulative; the more you use it, the less frizz you'll suffer, and without weighing hair down.

No Frizz includes a sulfate-free shampoo, smoothing conditioner, a moisture-boost glycerin-based leave-in, and styling lotions and sprays to shape waves and curls, to straighten, to volumize and to add hold ($26 each; $16 each for travel size). Formulas vary to suit a range of hair types from fine to coarse, and all products contain PolyfluoroEster for an layering effect.

So far so good on the no-frizz front. At least I won't go around throwing out that four-letter word.

Available at Sephora. Images courtesy of Living Proof.