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F is for Fingernails: Another OPI Axxium Gel Nails Update

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OPI Axxium Gel in Cajun Shrimp_one basecoat_one coat colour_one top coat

Today is a week plus one day since my most recent OPI Axxium Gel mani courtesy of Tips Nail Bar in Toronto. Look! Bright colour! It's OPI Cajun Shrimp, a cheerful shade so right for this spring/summer time.

The application's different again. Bless Tips owner Leeanne for her tolerance of my quirky need to experiment a bit with the number of layers of gel she uses (I'm such a geek). This time I've got only one layer of basecoat, one layer of colour -- Cajun Shrimp is so pigmented that I decided I didn't need a second coat -- and a layer of topcoat. The result is an application no thicker than nail polish, but still much more durable. There's a tiny bit of wear at the tips of my nails, but that's it.

My new growth is starting to show. But it doesn't have to; I can paint over Axxium with the matching nail polish to disguise it if I want to. I could use any colour, actually. And it's worth saying again that after the next removal, I can decide to leave my natural nails bare, or go for Shellac, or a regular polish manicure. Axxium has not damaged my nails in the least; I'm on my third go-around.

Naturally I've been wondering what's in Axxium, so I asked via OPI's Canadian PR team. Rather than what's in it, I received a short list of what's not:

-- ethyl methacrylate (EMA)
-- methyl methacrylate (MMA)
-- formalin
-- toluene

These are toxic ingredients usually found in acrylics; read more here.

It's also worth saying that not having to worry about unsightly chips in my pretty, happy nail colour is kind of awesome.

To find an Axxium salon in your area, contact OPI via this link.