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Pro-Age: Justine Bateman on Having the Face She Always Wanted

Justine Bateman digs how she looks, lines and all.
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Justine Bateman now and then

I. Love. This. Spotted the vid below via an enthusiastic retweet from's Erica Ehm (who is completely uninterested in cosmetic enhancement procedures) and loved the message.

Actress Justine Bateman, above left in 2009, hit Stardom Street as Alex P. Keaton's sister Mallory in "Family Ties," which ran from 1982 until 1989. Now 44, she's clearly shunned Botox and fillers over the years, which, unsurprisingly, sparks all manner of internet chatter. In this clip, she explains why she's allowed -- nay, welcomed -- time's unrelenting imprint on her features. Again I say, I. Love. This.


Although I'm rather a fierce supporter of skincare and makeup that presents a youthful image, and I desperately want to shape Bateman's brows a little, I'm not one for Botox or fillers myself. I despair at once-beautiful women who via such treatments become red-carpet examples of what not to do. That said, I don't begrudge women who want a few skilled tweaks (skilled is the operative word). I'm just not going there.

Yes, I'm aware that I'm genetically lucky to have skin with relatively few wrinkles at my age, and yes, given a magic choice I'd prefer to stop that aging process right. this. minute. But I'm also curious. I rather want to know what nature will do with my face despite the glycolic acid, antioxidant and SPF roadblocks I throw in the way. Guess I'm going to find out.