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About Town: La Merceria Argentinian Café and Home Accessories Shop

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La Merceria 1

I like it when my friend Liza decides it's a good day to drive us to press events. Because she rarely drives (city driving=GAH!), she takes the opportunity to stop in at some of her favourite retail gems if we have time between appointments. Last time it was a lovely café stocked with gourmet foodstuff, homemade sauces, jams and pastries as well as charming accoutrements; silly me, I didn't think to a) write down the name of the place, or b) take photos.

La Merceria 2

This sidetrip was to La Merceria on Adelaide St. W., a charming Argentinian café in the front and elegant gift shop in the back. The healthy fare includes tempting rustic sandwiches and golden epanadas, as well as sweet little treats such as mini shortbread cookies and alfajor (dulce de leche sandwiched between two butter cookies).

La Merceria 3

I'm no coffee connoisseur, but I'll tell you this: I very much enjoyed a coffee there with milk -- that's a big deal for a die-hard with-cream girl.

La Merceria 4

Seating is intimate, perhaps enough for 10 inside plus a bit more seating in a cosy back room and a couple of tables out front on the sidewalk.

La Merceria 6

Tables and shelves display a range of affordable housewares, from simple cream and white dishes to wooden utensils to linens, as well as boutique-y bath products, fragrances, candles, notecards and trinket bowls.

La Merceria 7

Owned by Sandra Rojas-Chinni and Marcelo Chinni, La Merceria is about "daily pleasures," according to their tag line. I hope for their sake they don't have WiFi because my laptop and I would move right in.

La Merceria is at 506 Adelaide St. W, Toronto, ON 416.848.0057;