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Saturday Stuffs: Coked-up Nails, Zit-Zapping, Online Mole Mapping and Pretty Kitchen Blues

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~ Diet Coke's teamed up with Nails Inc., a London-based company, to create a small collection of nail polish. An odd collaboration to be sure; The Chic Storm's Marilisa Racco has something to say about it here.

~ Problem-skin sufferers may find relief from a new-to-Canada professional laser acne treatment called Isolaz. The doctor-administered procedure appears to deliver amazing results;'s Michelle Villett has more information here.

~ La Roche-Posay's just launched an interactive website called that lets users take a more active role in their skin's health when it comes to skin cancer issues. A key feature helps readers zero in on suspect moles and compile data to take to their next doctor's appointment; Karen Kwan of Health & Swellness has more here.

~ Joe Fresh hops into the nail polish pool with cute bottles of colour; lovely Ellen Mirza of Lipstick Powder N Paint talks about the line here.

~ Summer style is relaxed and earthy with a side of chic; stylist Afiya Francisco inspires with linen and leather here.

~ Gifts with humour are always winners; Gifted's Alison Lawlor-Dean kicks a funny bucket here.

~ Ever been told you look like a celeb? Coco&Lowe's Coco , Lowe and friends have fun seeing the similarities here.

~ Colour is a personality infusion in any room, including the kitchen. At Home with Kim Vallee's Kim Vallee is feeling blue here.