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Pet Project: Tweezerman Paws for Charity

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Tweezerman Paw Prints

Yes, another Tweezerman mention, but after a recent preview for a feline-inspired cosmetics collection slated for Fall, this post seemed like a must. Not because of the collection itself (gorgeous textures and shades, fyi) but because talk of kitty-cat castings for the campaign's images had a preview attendee in a total melt about her own beloved feline.

I don't own a pet, but I like them, and I'm always touched by how much they mean to their owners (or roommates, when it comes to cats). Plus they're good for their humans. But not all animals are so lucky to find a good home when they need one. So Tweezerman gets more attention because $1 from the sale of each limited-edition Paw Print mini slant tweezers ($18.50) and 50 cents from the sale of each Paw Print Itty-Bitty Matchbox mini nail files ($6) will go toward the Humane Society of Canada. (Yes, that outfit's having some issues right now, but hopefully they'll get it sorted soon so they can get back to being helpful.)

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Tweezerman Paw Print special editions are available at London Drugs, Lawtons, select Pharma Plus, Value Drug Marts and Pharmasaves. Images courtesy of Tweezerman.