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F is for Feedback: BeautyGeeks & Friends on

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I feel weird about posting on this because is advertising on BeautyGeeks right now, and I come from a church-and-state background which dictates one's content should have nothing to do with the advertising alongside it. I also feel weird about it because of that bit of copy up on the top left of the screen wot says I won an award that has P&G Beauty engraved on it -- I don't want you to think I live in P&G's pocket (no P&G judge was involved in the awards process).

But post on it I will because features product reviews and feedback from BeautyGeeks as well as fellow beauty geeks, Lipstick Powder n Paint, Beauty Parler, Happi Face, Canadian Beauty and BeautyMatch. One of my favourite beauty blogs, I Heart Beauty, shows up there too. Katherine now works full-time in the delightful style department at Canadian Living Magazine, so she's on blog hiatus, but her wonderful way with words makes a read through her past posts worthwhile.

So, if you like, you can click on an ad when it pops up or click here to visit They'd like your input too, over there.

I still feel weird. But I'll deal.

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