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F is for Fauxtoshop: Stars Before and After Photo Retouching

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Naomi Watts Pre and Post Photoshop

Staff's been at me to let her do a post. I caved, because frankly it's the first time she's shown much initiative. Anyway, seems she's obsessed with celeb-type pre- and post-Photoshopped photos.


She wonders how it must feel to be a photoretouched celeb, having your normal sculpted abs erased from photos so you fit some editor or artistic director's vision of a perfect you.


It also peeves her some that, as in the case with Brit actor Matthew McFayden, whose image went from mugshot to headshot via Photoshop, a makeup artist could have made a difference.

Jonathan Rhys Myers Pre and Post Photoshop

How funny to know even Jonathan Rhys Meyers can't live up to Jonathan Rhys Myers in the After photo.

Eva Longoria Pre and Post Photoshop

And to know you actually have better hair colour than Eva Longoria because you got your colourist to give you what the Photoshopper gave her.

Madonna Pre and Post Photoshop

She thinks maybe the work was necessary in this Madonna photo, although she dissed the photographer's original lighting.

Penelope Cruz Pre and Post Photoshop

I will say I worried some that you've seen these before because they've been floating a bit on various sites. But like I said, Staff rarely shows such initiative. Think I'll give her the afternoon off. Tomorrow. Because really, turns out I've done the post for her. *sigh*